Had An Accident

And don’t know what to do now?

Need some sound advice?
State Claims can help you!

After an accident, take a deep breath and give yourself a moment to calm down and think about what needs to be done. For the best outcome refrain from admitting blame or laying blame about the accident. Work through the following suggestions and then allow us to assist you.

Do The Police Need To Be Contacted?

Police should be contacted if there is:

  • major damage to the cars involved,
  • a multi-car pileup,
  • road fixtures damaged,
  • a need for traffic redirection
  • alcohol or drugs involved.

We Specialise In Helping You Get More Money From Your Car Insurance Claims


What Information Do I Need To Collect?

For the best Insurance Claim results:

  • Collect name, address, registration number and insurer of other car driver
  • Take photos of all vehicles involved
  • Take statements from any on the spot witnesses where possible
  • Take notes on what happened, when it happened, traffic conditions and weather conditions
  • Contact your insurance company or CONTACT STATE CLAIMS


We deal with the Insurance Company

Get you a No-Cost replacement vehicle

Repair your vehicle or you can choose a repairer

If your car is a write-off we can get up to double the payout amount for you



We take the worry out of the situation

At State Claims You Get:

  • Stress-Free Process
  • Replacement Vehicle at NO COST TO YOU under a “credit hire” basis
  • In house Panel Beaters and Accredited Assessors
  • Quick Settlement
  • Thousands of DOLLARS on top of what the insurance companies may offer
  • If your vehicle is written-off we aim to get you market value or your agreed value
  • No Upfront Cost to You
  • We only take a small set fee WHEN we get you a successful outcome

What We Specialise In:

  • Car Insurance Claims
  • Replacement Vehicle/ Car
  • Panel Beater Insurance 
  • Car Accident Claims
  • Not At Fault Car Insurance Claims
  • Not Fault Car Crash

If You Choose to Deal Directly with Insurance Companies:

  • Your payout may be lower than expected
  • You’ll be overwhelmed by the whole process
  • Major Delays in reaching a settlement
  • Your payout may not be enough to replace your vehicle
  • You’ll feel Overwhelmed, Stressed, Afraid and Anxious


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Happy Customers

“As a car owner with ins, I feel really hopeless when I got hit by a lady(she’s at fault) who has harassed me a little coz she know I got no supporter. Adam and his team is absolutely helpful and efficient when I submit my case online and the whole process is completely worry-free!! It only takes one and half weeks to get my car fixed and did not cost me a penny! Would recommend this wonderful team to everyone!!”

Chen Hu

“Great efficient service. I filled out their claim form on a Tuesday and the very next day was put into a Hire Car and my vehicle went straight in for repairs. I did not have to deal with insurance companies and wait on hold for hours. Everything was done for me. Highly recommend this service to anyone involved in a car accident.”

Muzaffer Yuksel

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